What are 10 Korean skincare steps you need to include in your skin routine?

Skincare is an integral part of our daily life to keep our skin clean and clear. It requires about 5-6 steps you need to follow regularly. One very renowned skincare routine is Korean skincare. Korean skincare is becoming popular day by day due to its immediate and flawless results. The main reason why Korean beauty products are selling worldwide and are of a great deal is due to their ingredients. Korean beauty products are luxurious in

  • Snail mucin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Propolis
  • Ginseng
  • Aloe vera
  • Vitamin C
  • Arbutin
  • Honey
  • Tea tree oil

Snail mucin is an extract from snails that they produce to heal their cuts and scrapes. It is rich in regenerating and collagen-producing agents that can improve the skin and can prevent wrinkles. Mucin is called the ‘holy grail slime’ it is present in many face creams and sheet masks. It can treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a very famous acid that is considered very well for skin. Produced naturally in our skin, but the production decreases with the increase in age. Hence it should be applied externally to prevent aging. Propolis is also called ‘bee glue’ it is produced in beehives to seal, sterilize and protect their lives. It is an effective anti-inflammatory that is best for mature and troubled skin. Ginseng is a plant extract which is also used in east Asian medicines. It has powerful antioxidants that can penetrate your skin and can make skin brighter and shinier. Aloe vera is essential to plant extract that can be used for many skin treatments. It is a cooling agent it can use to reduce the swelling and skin irritations. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant agent for skin. It is naturally present in citrus fruits; it has a high amount of ascorbic acid that can treat hyper-pigmentations, acne, and scars on the surface. Arbutin is a skin brightener that can help to remove the dark scars from the skin and hyperpigmentation. It is a very gentle brightening agent, so you can also use it for sensitive skin. Honey is an organic extract we are all familiar of. It is a rich anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that can be used to treat breakouts and other skin issues. It is rich in antioxidants that can slow down the aging process. It can handle the dry patches on the skin and make it moisturized for a significant period of time. Tea tree oil is rich in antioxidants, and it is recently discovered as an effective acne treatment and many hair issues also. It banishes the pimples and can fight all type of bacteria that can affect the skin in the wrong way.

Korean skin has put their focus on very active ingredients that are organic in the first place and are being used for years to treat skin issues. And the other thing is the number of steps and products used in this skincare routine. It is a viral skincare routine that can heal the dry skin and patchiness if any. The only caution you need to take is your skin type. Korean skincare widely focuses on the skin type, and one should always know the kind of their skin before buying a product. Wrong product on your skin type can cause destruction and can make your skin worse. Pay attention to your skin type there are five types of skin, i.e. dry skin, combination skin, dry to combination skin, oily skin and oily to combination skin

This skincare routine requires the whole set of steps that need to be followed daily at night. All of the steps are must to do every day for better results.


Double cleansing is a new phenomenon that is kind of an important one in Korean skin routine. In these two times, cleanup is done. First, an oil-based cleanser is used that clears the upper skin and makes a path clear for coming products to penetrate the skin. An oil-based cleanser is a cleanser that has a proportion of oil in it. It works on the rule of “like dissolve like”. All the oil, dirt, sebum and impurities in your skin get absorbed into this oil cleanser. It is the reason why cleaning face before cleansing is not essential. Oil cleansers make the skin matte and clear all the oil from the open pores.


Foam cleanser or cream cleansers are the other steps of double cleansing. After the oil cleansing face is oil-free so the following products can easily penetrate in. The water-based cleanser helps to clean the skin much more in-depth and removing the dirt from the endodermal layer of skin. It works like a regular cleanser and helps to clear the remaining dirt and germs from the surface. Foam cleanser should also be water-based. And the most crucial step is how this cleansing works. A proper face massage is needed to make purifier do its best. While cleansing your face, don’t forget to massage. Massaging cleanse the lymph nodes and vessels and drain them. Rubbing in a circular motion increases the blood circulation in the skin that makes it pink and glowy. It can help to protect the pre-aging and wrinkles.


Toner is the next step for skincare. It is essential due to the following reasons:

  • It can help close pores
  • Tightens cell gaps after cleansing,
  • Reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin
  • It can prevent ingrown hair
  • It refreshes the skin
  • Moisturizer

Toning is used to prepare the skin for coming skincare step. It can also apply to balance the pH of the skin.


The primary function of nature is to hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized. It is made of little heavier ingredients than toner. That can help to soothe skin more and improve the skin texture. Essence can also be used to tone and prime the skin and make it ready for the makeup if you want to do any. But purposely the best way to use essence it at night time. It will penetrate more and hydrate the skin in a better way.


Emulsions are heavy moisturizers that are used to hydrate and moisturize the skin even more. Korean skincare works on the fact that more moisture is better. Dry skin is the cause of pre-aging and wrinkles that can occur very early in life. Hence emulsion is used after essence to lock all the good in the skin, and it won’t let it come off that easy.


Serums need to apply on the skin two times. First, it can be applied before SPF to lock the skin against all the environmental agents. And it can also be used at night during all the skincare routine one need to follow. Serums can be full of moisturizing ingredients. It is more like a lotion, but it is better due to the liquid consistency that helps it to absorb more quickly without making skin heavy and greasy.


The sheet mask is famous now, but a few years back no one even knew about them, but they were an essential part of Korean skincare regime. A sheet mask is a tissue-like paper cut in the shape of a face dipped in moisture. That moisture is a mixture of the serums and hydrating agents that are needed by the skin. You spread a sheet mask on your face and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. After that massage, it slowly into the skin. Let it dry.


Eyes were the most negligible part of the face that was most responsible for wrinkles and signs of aging. Nowadays, it’s a trend of having an eye cream. Eye creams can treat fundamental problems like fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. It can protect the sun damage from the eyes. Collagen agents present in the eye creams can help to boost collagen production in your skin. And that can prevent wrinkles and fine lines.


The primary and significant step is moisturizer. It helps overcome dryness and keeps the moisture lock well.


Sun protect formula SPF is of vital importance if you are going out in the sun anytime. Sun radiations can be very harmful and dangerous for your skin. It can cause hyperpigmentation, dark spots, tanned skin, discoloration and in severe cases, skin cancer. Nowadays, makeup products are produced that are rich in SPF, but they didn’t do the work in the same possible way. A complete SPF formula is needed to apply before makeup. SPF should be used to raw skin even before primer.