5 Proven Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet


Ketogenic diet has been in the news lately for its exclusive weight loss benefits. Before opting for a diet plan one should always know that what sort of diet plan they are adopting. As far as Ketogenic diet is concerned, it is a diet that includes low carb, moderate protein and high fat. Basically the main purpose of this diet is to make your body undergo a state known as ketosis.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the glycogen (sugar levels) levels of the body are kept extremely low leading to a state where your liver starts breaking down body fats into ketones in order to produce energy.

Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet:
The main reason of the popularity of this diet plan is that it offers much more benefits other than weight loss. Some of the benefits are described below.

Helps In Weight Loss:
Weight loss is for sure the most prominent feature of this diet plan. As this diet plan involves breaking of fat cells into ketones. A massive weight drop is observed in this diet plan. When your body enters into the metabolic state called ketosis it actually makes your blood sugar and insulin levels drop which then provides the ability to the fat cells to lose all the water they had been retaining. When retained water is lost, an enormous weight loss is observed. This makes Ketogenic diet the best way to lose weight.

 Control of Appetite:

When you are on a diet that is low on carbs, you are not always hungry. Instead all those cravings that made you eat junk food certainly vanish. Keto diet helps you to control your appetite, as it is a low carb diet. You do not feel that your stomach is empty, hunger pangs are not observed when on a keto diet.

Helps Fight Diabetes Type II:

Diabetes is a situation in which a person suffers from high blood sugar levels, that is a gigantic increase of insulin is seen in the blood. A person suffering from such a condition can gain an extensive benefit from the keto diet as it hinders the sugar intake and allows the blood sugar level to be substantially low. It helps reduce the HBA1c count that helps in fighting the disease.

Increases HDL Cholesterol:

Some people would think that high cholesterol is certainly bad for your body but there is no need to panic, as there are two types of cholesterol that is HDL and LDL. HDL is good cholesterol it carries the cholesterol away from the body and it takes it to the liver from where it can be reused again. While LDL works exactly opposite to this by taking the cholesterol from the liver and providing it to the rest of the body parts.

Lowers The Hypertension:

Keto diet performs miracles for people suffering from hypertension. It lowers the high blood pressure and helps to cure the problems related to hypertension.

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Maham Syed

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