7 Steps You Need To Know To Get Wonderful Dramatic Eyes


7 Steps You Need To Know To Get Wonderful Dramatic Eyes.Eyes can easily be crafted to express largely about us. Females are in a position to convey delicate messages through the eyes. It is achieved by using make-up and relying on various techniques of makeup. One of the appearances that women desire to gain is the “dramatic eyes”. Not to mention, these eyes tend to be “Smokey eyes” which express mystery and drama. Eyes similar to these are always alluring.

To have the dramatic eyes, it is advisable to get darker make-up, which you don’t usually wear. You will require dark and light colored eye-shadow, eye pencil, and blue, purple or black mascara will do the job perfectly. You will additionally need the eye makeup brushes.

When it comes to eyeliner, ensure that it’s suitable for the color of your eye. It doesn’t always have to be black. The eyeliners are available in charcoal, navy or brown color. For the brown eyes, attempt plum and brown shades. For dramatic eyes, it is better to apply liquid eyeliners since they provide more drama, particularly to your eyes. If you are going to use the pencil eyeliner, then it will just give a smooth definition to the shape of your eyes.

Step: 1

Right after collecting all these required materials for the dramatic eyes, you have to begin with eyebrows. In case you have eyebrows, which are naturally dark and thick, attempt to shape the eyebrows to go with your face. It means that the eyebrow must look symmetrical and natural. If you have lighter eyebrows, then color them with a shade darker than your natural color.

Step: 2

The next phase for the dramatic eyes is to always apply the eye shadow. For applying the eye shadow, you should begin with the eyelash line first and then proceed up to the bottom of the eyebrow.

Step: 3

Now try out the light brown/gold or pink colors. Colors for the eye shadow are significantly dependent on the eye color and complexion.

Step: 4

After applying the light colored “eye shadow”, get the darker shade. Now apply this in the crease of the eyelids.

Step: 5

Another step to have dramatic eyes will be to use the eyeliner. In case you are utilizing pencil eyeliner, then sharpen the eyeliner first because it will give a fine line.

Step: 6

Get the eyeliner and then apply this to upper lashes. Make an effort to make a thin line for a fine look.

Step: 7

Finally, apply the particular eyeliner far from inner corner outward whenever you reach bottom of the lashes, ensure that the lines do not ever touch since if they actually do, then your eyes can shrink rather than looking enlarged.


Always keep in mind that you will find various looks intended for various occasions. The dramatic eyes aren’t appropriate for the day activities such as lunches or birthdays. The dramatic eyes work best for nighttime events. Make sure that not just would your make-up matches the event but it also should go with your excellent outfit.

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