Breast Cancer Awareness Month


1Pakistan with other countries of the world also observes October as the breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is one of the most precarious types of cancer and mostly it is developed among in Young Women. Breast cancer is contemplated to be the most common cause of cancer which leads to death.

Breast cancer is one disease that has a factor of taboo attached but people need to understand that times are changing and MILLIONS OF WOMEN ARE AT RISK. It is estimated that each year in Pakistan more than 83,000 cases of breast cancer are reported. 40,000 women die because of this noxious disease. In Pakistan 1 in nine women develop breast cancer at some stages in our lives.

If one looks at the global statistics breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting. In 2008 1,380,000 million new cases and 458.000 details were reported worldwide.

If one considers looking at the facts mostly the underprivileged or the poor females lose their lives because of this cancer. One of the sole reason is that most women do not share their health issues with others or prevent going for a consistent checkup which can help them easily indicate at a very early stage.

There are various reasons because of which women are diagnosed with it such as Alcohol Drinking, obesity, overweight and aversion to breastfeeding. Mostly women are affected because they don’t have an appropriate hygiene chart.

As times are changing and the 21st century is the most productive and modern it is extremely important to be aware rather than worry about cultural taboos which would drive women to keep this as a secret. Around 77 percent of women with breast cancer are above the age of 50.

To avoid cancer it is exceptionally important to lead an extremely healthy life. Most importantly leaving unhealthy habits which are smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of exercise and much more. Moreover, a healthy and balanced diet can help one prevent any type of fatal disease. A healthy lifestyle can help to avoid the risk of breast cancer to an extremely good extent.