1How can you make your hair thick and strong?

Thick and strong hair is the dream of every woman, but a hectic lifestyle and the increasing amount of pollution in the environments actually takes a heavy toll on the hair. Weak, brittle, damaged hair, hair fall and hair thinning are one of the most common problems in men and women irrespective of their age.

One the chief way to make sure a person’s hair remains thick and strong is to ensure that your hair is nourished well from the roots. Ensuring proper hydration of the hair is immensely important to prevent them from breakage.

There are many products in the market which claim to offer strong and thick hair, that’s completely false because they don’t have evident and long lasting result moreover they even have harmful side effects.

The two main problems which aggravate the problem is POLLUTION AND STRESS, one should avoid these both environmental factors as they cause enough problem to the scalp and hair.

Factors which will help you get thick hair :

  • The right diet: Include lots of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, fish and other protein-rich foods in your regular diet.
  • Drink more water: Drinking more water will also aid in the digestive process and will promote overall health which is most important for making hairs strong from their roots.
  • Fight stress: Hormones play a very important role in our body. Stress, anxiety can easily disrupt the normal hormonal balance in the body which triggers hair.
  • Stay away from smoke and drink: Smoking and drinking both harms the body in several ways and is sure to affect your hair health as well.

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