How to Use Shikakai For Hair


1How does Shikakai benefit your hair?

Natural herbs are considered to be the finest solution to better and stronger hair. One such herb is known SHIKAKAI. It has extremely amazing results and has been used for hair treatments since ancient times.

 It has been used to cure dandruff and other various hair problems because it has anti-fungal properties and essential nutrients which help to nourish the scalp. Shikakai helps in reducing the dandruff infection from the scalp and nourish dry and itchy scalp simultaneously.

Owing to its ability to maintain the pH level Shikakai helps to fight the scalp infection s while keeping it clean and healthy.

Due to this very reason, it is excellent for hair growth. The scalp is a warehouse of innumerable amounts of the hair follicle, pigments, and sebaceous glands. By using Shikakai powder on regular basis, it cleanses the hair and benefits it with ample amount of nourishment.

Shikakai prevents the hair from graying naturally, it is rich in essential nutrients like VITAMIN C and doesn’t make the scalp dry. The regular use of SHIKAKAI prevents and treats head lice.

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