Learn How To Easily Avoid Some Common Mistakes You Make With Your Lipstick


Learn How To Easily Avoid Some Common Mistakes You Make With Your Lipstick . Of course, there are numerous accessories such as clutches and jewelry, but nothing pretty can make an outfit similar to the ideal matte lipstick. Although matte lipstick absolutely looks gorgeous, exactly how you use it to pout is really important. Continue reading to discover if you are guilty of all these 8 typical matte lipstick errors and learn new ideas for using matte lipstick to get a simply gorgeous look.

  1. Allowing It To Move On Teeth:

Excess application can result in the lippy glooping or caking and possibly moving to the teeth. Go gentle and make sure to blot using a tissue soon after application for removing excess product.

Learn How To Easily Avoid Some Common Mistakes You Make With Your Lipstick

  1. Not Setting The Lips:

To get the supreme staying power, you’ll have to set the lip color. A classic school tip is to have a tissue above the lips and then dust the translucent powder throughout it. Not to mention, this “fine film” is going to set and mattify it. On the other hand, a “top-coat” like Lipcote (lipstick sealer) can be perfect for the matte texture or even to preserve a “dewy finish” spray on the spray toner or perhaps makeup setter.

  1. Not Using Layers For Longevity:

It is that one more time when the lip liner shows its worth. Use it throughout the lips prior to lipstick, and after that again on the top to get the pigment to the lips. This particular sandwiching method is a tip intended for red carpet as well as makes the color ultra-dense.

  1. Shunning The Lip Liner:

The lip liner received a poor rap for quite a while however its merits happen to be worth celebrating. Ensure that it matches the lipstick and use this to frame the lipstick, tracing the lip line for preventing the lipstick “bleeding” beyond it.

  1. Not Getting The Proper Formula:

It is a personal choice, yet different formulas imply different rules. The matte texture can have extended staying power; however, might feel tight and dry on your lips, therefore, make sure you moisturize first of all and use with precision. The creamy texture can be more satisfying but will have to be used more frequently, particularly to the center of the lips. In case you choose gloss, pick one which is moisture-loaded and extremely pigmented therefore you need only a single swiping.

  1. Not Picking The Proper Shade:

The lipstick newbie will be aware that the ocean of shade on shelves may be overwhelming. Begin by following all these complexion rules from the “MAC Senior Artist” as well as take note of all the shades which are created to fit all.

  1. Not Having Time To Prime:

While you will prime the face skin prior to foundation, use moisturizing layer for the lips which will smooth fine lines out and work as magnet for the lip color. We prefer the No-color MAC Prep and Prime Lip. On the other hand, if the lips are dry especially, use lip balm such as “Bioderma Atoderm Stick” for rehydrating them 20 minutes prior to applying makeup on the top.

  1. Neglecting To Exfoliate:

Virtually all great makeup starts with appropriate skin preparation, and the lips are no different. Make it a point to shed the lifeless skin cells through buffing with warm wet towel or even exfoliating with mild scrub such as the “Lush Mint Julips” that contains the peppermint oil for moisturizing.

Learn How To Easily Avoid Some Common Mistakes You Make With Your Lipstick


To conclude, I hope that you’ve found the mistake you might be making. So, it’s time to avoid them. This post revealed all the common mistakes you typically make with your lipstick. Now, it’s your turn to take the initiatives. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Also, share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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