1How Lemon Peel faces masks benefit your skin?

Lemon peel or citrus lemon is the rind or skin of the lemon fruit. The lemon peel helps to benefit the skin on a colossal extent. Lemon peel contains the important essential oil limonene along with citral, flavonoids, more than 44 different flavones glycosides, citric and other plant acids. It’s a rich source of pectin’s, phenols and hydroxycinnamates.

Lemon peels help in fighting skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and dark sports. The free radicals play a tremendous role in the process. They are even rich in antioxidants which tend to detoxify the skin to a very good extent.

Lemon peels are one of the finest skin enhancers giving you glowing and soft skin after use. Because of the acidic nature of lemon and the acid which helps in cleansing and lightening the skin when used to remove the dead skin and stimulate new skin growth

Lemons are immensely good for treating brown spots, age spots, and freckles. The citric acid contained in lemons helps in bleaching and clarifying the skin. The top layer of your skin is exfoliated by the acids and thus, it helps to fade pigmentation.

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