Myths about low carb diet


Myths about low carb diet:

Low carb diet is a diet which is kept very low on carbohydrates. There is much buzzing going around about low carb diet being a fad diet. Some people are misleading others by saying that it is next to impossible to stick to this diet. In this article I am going to address few myths about low carb diet.

Low carb diet is absolutely a fad diet:

Fad diet is a terminology used for the diets which are a cause of abuse to humans such as crash diets. Some people nowadays are calling low carb diet a fad diet which is not at all true. Low carb diet has been supported by much of the scientific studies. In fact this is a diet which is being followed by the people for almost twenty years now.

Hence calling it a fad diet is completely unacceptable and unfair.

Sticking to low carb diet is barely possible:

This is some sort of a misinformation because low carb diet is a diet which helps in the reduction of appetite so you can eat until you are full. However in other low calories diet you are not allowed to eat until you are full which leaves you being hungry all the time. Although all the diets are difficult to stick upon to but still low carb diet has been proven a better way to reduce weight.

Hence saying that it is difficult to stick upon low carb diet is completely a misinformation.

Most of the weight loss conducted by low carb diet is basically water weight:

Our body stores high amounts of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. Glycogen tends to hold a lot of water. When we are not having efficient amount of carbs there occurs a shortage of glycogen stores so a lot of water weight loss is observed but saying that low carb diets only tend to reduce water weight would be totally illegitimate. During low carb diet a lot of belly and abdominal fat is also removed which is known as one of the toughest areas to remove fat from.

Hence saying that low carb diet only reduces water weight would be a foul allegation.

Low carb diets increase the risk of heart diseases:

As low carb diet is rich with dietary cholesterol as well as saturated fat so people say that it is bad for your heart health.  In fact it is completely opposite to what is said. Low carb diet increases good cholesterol in the body. It decreases blood triglycerides. It decreases the risk of hypertension and it tends to make the blood sugar levels go down. All of these are extremely healthy for your heart as studies have proven that dietary cholesterol is not a cause of heart diseases.

Hence low carb diets are not at all putting you at a risk of heart diseases.

Carbs are essential for your brain to function properly:

This is somehow true because some cells of the brain are completely dependent upon glucose to function but this information is partly true not completely. A lot of cells of the brains can get their fuel from even ketones. When the body goes in the state of ketosis brain cells can easily get their fuel from the energy produced by ketones as far as some cells which only get fuel trough glucose are concerned then gluconeogenesis is process by which they get their fuel. When we avoid eating carbs body undergoes a metabollic process called gluconeogenesis in which liver produces glucose as a result of fat metabolism.

Hence with the help of ketosis and gluconeogenesis you do not have a need to eat a single gram of carb to make your brain function properly.

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