Natural Avocado Face Packs


1How Avocado benefits your skin?

Avocado is one of those few fruits which caters both the taste buds and skin equally. The silky texture of avocado can be brilliant for skin and you simply cannot miss.

Another fine quality it can be a fine remedy for all skin types ranging from oily to dry.

Avocado is one of the finest fruit and it’s very nutritious and helps reduce the blood cholesterol level. It is fully loaded with lots of monosaturated fats and fibers. The fruit consists of minerals like sodium, potassium, copper, iron and it even has an array of Vitamins such as A, E, B &K.

One special quality of the avocado face masks is that it helps to penetrate into the deeper skin layer ‘epidermis’ which in turn improves the elasticity of the skin even the driest skin layers. Avocado face packs can be tried by the people with wrinkles and fine lines – the common aging factors to make them calm.

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