Should you exercise in the morning


We usually think about waking up early morning and then working out; and maybe even set a series of alarms with the intention of doing some exercise in the morning but most of us fail at it despite of our best intentions. This is mostly because the time we all choose to workout is the time we can spare, that explains why the gyms are typically packed after work hours.

No doubt and it is rightly said that any time of the day is a great time for a workout as long as you do it. But it is a fact that morning workouts tend to provide more physical and mental health benefits as compared to workouts done at any other time of the day.

There is a great saying that goes ‘there is no better way to start your day than knowing you have done something amazing for yourself.’ And it is a saying for a reason. What reasons?

Here are some compelling reasons to wake up a little earlier and ditch the bed.

1) Morning workouts enhance your metabolism

Exercising before breakfast can help kick-start weight loss. Your body burns more calories after a workout even if you are just sitting and doing nothing.  This process is called excess post-exercise consumption.

2)  Eat healthy afterward

When you start a day on such a good note, you might want to eat healthy for the rest of day. Choose salads over junk. Don’t let the exercise go in vain.

3) Burn up to 20 percent more body fat

Recent studies and research has revealed that by exercising in the morning before your breakfast, you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat. Having a meal after the workout will jump-start your metabolism and reduce the chances of overeating. Just don’t wait until lunchtime to refuel.

4) More energetic and lively

When you make exercise a regular part of your a.m. routine, you feel more energetic, full of life, less stressed out and your skin will glow naturally (post workout flush). People who exercise daily feel more empowered and better about their work-life balance. It leaves time for other priorities.

5) You won’t have many distractions

once you wake up early, you will directly go for a work out. There are not many distractions early in the morning as compared to evening/noon workouts where you might have to choose between lunch parties/ hangouts with your friends. So, the chances of someone distracting your workout is much less likely in the morning. Also, the people who get up early for workouts are more serious and focused in life.

6) Help you develop self-strong discipline

Like any other habit, getting up early in the morning and working out gets better with time. It is a good addiction that one can have. It is good not only for physical but for mental health as well. Studies have also shown that morning exercise helps a person get better sleep.

7) A sense of accomplishment

Before going to sleep at night, we all think about the day and look for some sense of accomplishments we have made. The workout is the first that comes to your mind, giving you immense satisfaction and motivation to continue working out.

Morning workout is worth giving a try, you will soon discover the benefits of getting your workout done first thing in the morning.

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Maham Syed

Maham is a Nutritionist and Cosmetologist, since she was 18, She keenly focused on being healthy and Studying Nutrition and cosmetology. A healthy lifestyle has always been my aim goal, whether it's eating healthy, using the right products for my skin and hair.