Supposedly Healthy Foods You Should Be Avoiding


The biggest challenge nowadays is finding the real healthy food. Since it is really difficult or it would be better to say that it is impossible to find healthy food because of the fact that food products nowadays are being labeled very cleverly. So if you are not losing weight even after eating healthy then you might be having supposedly healthy foods that are actually not at all healthy. In fact you might be having food that is causing inflammation to your bodies leading you to the lethal diseases.

Some of the ruinous foods that are prohibiting your weight loss are described below:

Vegetable Oils:

Vegetable oils are one of the worst things you add to your meals. They are not at all a healthy option. Some people would think that vegetable oil is a nutritious option but it is the ultimate destructor. Vegetable is hydrogenated and genetic modifications are also made to these oils which can lead to causing digestive disorders, cancer, heart diseases, high cholesterol, obesity and a lot of liver problems. A better recommendation would be using compressed extra virgin form of oils to actually gain benefit of the oil you are using.

Table Salt:

This is one of the most rapidly used ingredients in our foods and we are completely unaware that how toxic it is towards our health. It is a very commonly known fact that table salt causes hypertension, a major cause of high blood pressure. Moreover the manufacturing procedure of this table salt involves heating it over 1200 degrees and then adding dextrose to it leading towards its bleaching. You can now imagine how toxic it would be for you. A more healthy option would be using Himalayan salt.

Energy Bars:

People to have a healthy boost of energy, often use energy bars but that is just a myth. For once have a look on the labels of the energy bar you regularly buy. The calorie intake of these bars is beyond your imagination. Some of these bars also contain sugar. Many people take these bars as a healthy option unaware of the destructive ingredients in these bars. My suggestion would be that always check the label of the product you are buying. You should always know the amount of calories you are in taking.

Soy Protein:

This must be astonishing to some of the readers but yes soy products are not healthy options to have. By saying unhealthy I would put an emphasis on unfermented soy. The fermented soy is completely a different story. You need to know that soy products mostly contain Glyphosate that is the core ingredient of weed killer. Now imagine yourself eating weed killer every day considering it healthy for you. Soy products also put you at a risk of hay fever, Breast Cancer, under active thyroid, Cystic Fibrosis. All these reasons are good enough to throw all the soy products out of your meals.

Flavored Yogurt:

Yogurt is indeed a healthy food to eat but when it comes to flavored yogurt it is certainly not. You need to know that flavored yogurts contain a great amount of artificial flavoring and it also contains refined sugar. A serving of plain yogurt contains 12 grams of fat while contrary to this; flavored yogurt contains 15 grams of fat, making it an unhealthy option to eat.

So when you are not losing weight give a check to the labels of all the products you are having.

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Maham Syed

Maham is a Nutritionist and Cosmetologist, since she was 18, She keenly focused on being healthy and Studying Nutrition and cosmetology. A healthy lifestyle has always been my aim goal, whether it's eating healthy, using the right products for my skin and hair.