How can you increase your height with these exercises?

There are numerous factors that contribute to the height of a person. The genetic factors are responsible for almost 80% of your height. Moreover, there are other factors such as exercises and diet that contribute to your final height for about 20%.

However, the height growth rate for every person is different.

Generally, your growth rate decreases when you become an adult. Furthermore, there are certain things that you need to do to ensure that your height is growing potentially. As an adult, you can still carry out your workouts and proper diet to retain your height. Below are some exercises that you can do to increase your height.


Take a mat and sit on it straight. Keep your feet right in front of you. Extend your legs in a way that they should be shoulder width apart and feet must be flexed. Extend your arms straight in front of you and inhale. Bend forward and try touching your tips of the toes. After touching your toe tips, try stretching even more so that your spine is flexed to the maximum extent. This position might be difficult at the start but then you can achieve perfection with the passage of time.


This exercise is one of the most effective exercises for increasing height. Try standing straight with your legs apart. Extend your hands up in a straight position and then bend down forward. Touch the floor with your hands but do not bend your knees. Keep your knees straight. Afterward, go back to your original position.


Firstly, extend your arms. The feet should be width apart. Furthermore, lift your legs up and your feet off the ground. Roll in a backward direction and then make a straight line with your body. Hold this position for almost about 5 seconds. Afterward, repeat it.


For this exercise, you require a horizontal bar that must be placed at such a height that there becomes a room for stretching your body. You can also bend your knees to hang yourself freely. Moreover, you need to make sure that your palms are facing outwards when you grasp the bar. Generally, you need to make your arms, shoulders and body as relaxed as possible. Do the procedure for 20 seconds and repeat it at least 3 times.


Firstly, stand against the wall and place your hands on it as high as possible. Moreover, get on your toes and keep your spine flat against the wall. Repeat the procedure and do it for 4 to 6 seconds.


Swimming is considered to be very beneficial for your growth of height. Try doing swimming for at least 5 days a week. It enables you to use your body, arms and legs to the fullest. Thus, develops your muscle strength.  If you are keen to increase your height then you must learn to swim.

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Maham Syed

Maham is a Nutritionist and Cosmetologist, since she was 18, She keenly focused on being healthy and Studying Nutrition and cosmetology. A healthy lifestyle has always been my aim goal, whether it's eating healthy, using the right products for my skin and hair.