How to Remove Blackheads Naturally


1What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are considered to be small, dark lesion which appear on the skin mostly the face and cheeks. They represent mild acne, but they can appear without any sign or indication of acne present. They congest the nose, chins of a person skin moreover they can appear on the back and legs.

When these pores are persisted, the dead skin cells in the open pore react with oxygen in the air and turn black, forming a blackhead.

They mainly occur when the pores on the face become blocked. Within each pore are a hair follicle and an oil gland – which yields sebum to keep your skin gentle and hydrated.

If you have an excess of sebum it creates a “plug” in the pore, trapping bacteria and dead skin cells. A blackhead appears when the plug is still open to the air on the surface of the skin.

The factors because of blackheads occur are:

  • Heavy sweating
  • Blocking pores by cosmetics
  • High Humid environment
  • Health condition i.e. stress

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