What is More Important? Portion Size or Calorie Intake?


If you are a little conscious of your eating habits, you have probably heard, discussed and thought about your portion size or calorie intake or maybe both. And, if you have practiced any one of them, you already know how cumbersome and stupid this whole counting thing seems to be. First, you are deprived of the fun in eating food and second, you are totally occupied with keeping a count. Now, I am not saying that counting calories is bad or maintaining a definite portion size is not a good practice but these practices are not for all of us. In fact, both of the strategies work and not following any of them works too. It all depends on the kind of lifestyle you are capable of building. Let’s quickly and briefly go through three options that we have.

Counting Calories

Personally, I feel this is the hardest and the most difficult method of keeping a watch over diet. Having said that, it is one of the most effective methods of getting thin and staying in shape. How? There are a few strategies related to calorie intake and all of them propose different kinds of setup. However, the whole idea is to burn more or equivalent calories of what you consume. Calories can be roughly translated to energy. So, if you do not consume the amount of energy you intake, it will accumulate as fat and make you fat. So, now you know what goes where.

Checking Portion Size

When a nutritionist mentions portion, he or she usually means the amount of food on the plate. As per the best advice, you should just eat enough to fill your stomach. Stay away from binge eating or emotional eating and you should be fine with your health. A portion does not have a definite size. It varies depending on the food you eat and the lifestyle you have. Another part of the portion size is the frequency of the meals. As per one of the nutritionists that I follow on Instagram, one should eat 5 to 7 times a day and have moderate portions size. Pretty easy!

Neither of the two

For people who do not wish to care about the calorie intake or the portion size, the nutritionists have come up with different kinds of diets. One such diet that is slowly gaining popularity is that of Paleo. It simply means to consume the food which was available to the man during the Stone Age. So, no fast food, no alcohol, no processed meat and no grain. As per thousands of testimonials on different websites on the internet, this works.

What finally matters?

What works and what does not totally depends on your way of life. Some of us feel comfortable with the calorie method while others wish to follow the portion size. However, if you notice it deeply, you will realize that the idea is to eat in a controlled way ensuring that the body gets just enough energy to function without a setback. Diets like Paleo are another way of staying in shape. Such diets give you the freedom of eating whatever you want but limit the option on the plate. Follow any direction, but make sure that you stick to it.

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Maham Syed

Maham is a Nutritionist and Cosmetologist, since she was 18, She keenly focused on being healthy and Studying Nutrition and cosmetology. A healthy lifestyle has always been my aim goal, whether it's eating healthy, using the right products for my skin and hair.